Greenwell Leiha

Greenwell Leiha

s. Igolo

d.  Greenwell Hevorn

Greenwell Leiha was purchased as an in calf heifer in 1997. She is arguably the matriarch of the herd with many of her daughters retained in the herd. Numerous bulls have been sold to pedigree herds from this family. Rocco was sold to the Pennys at Shannas in March 2002 for 9 000gns, Trooper went to Chatsworth in a private deal, Vierzon sold to Messrs Halliday from Lockerbie for 10 000gns at BLCS Carlisle sale in October 2005 and Brian Baker from the Wealden herd purchased Borrins for 6 000 gns in February 2008.

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